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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heard that I am going to be alone in this valentine, actually,we don't celebrate any big occasions together also, countdown for new year, count down for Christmas, national day, whatsoever, its just weekends meet, go out, stay home, lousy plans, everything I think, I do.

Seriously, I think, if one fine day, I decided to not put in anymore effort in this relationship, everything started crumpled down, maybe I will be happier alone than being with you.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello! its been long i posted my stuffs here, was tired throughout, was busying doing project, was doing alot of things, have lesser time for my boy, lesser time spend with family as well, more time with laptop =.=....

Shall sum up! I've got my iphone, and i used it like a few months already, just that i didn't it was a good phone, the apps were fun as much seriously, didnt think that if i got samsung galaxy S2 ill be bored to death, like theres not much game apps and such, least iphone get to kill my time properly, and gets me into mood, lol i guess the gal who was holding on to the phone that i dont want, good luck to u, always want to play with my phone, u shld have gotten 4s, u suck!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

So excited!! its like 2 more days to new phoneeeeeeeeeeeee omgosh! hopefully, tues morning got the stock and i can buy before my com skill lesson starts! omgosh!

Munch your Cookies` @* 11:47 PM

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wow! was surprise with blogger new interface! hahahaha i guess its a good change, so u had ur post even longer and u can see what did u post :)

Anyway I had this for lunch, yes! cupcakes! but damn mini, hahahah its like the small small cupcakes omgosh :x Like nice rite! i bought 3 boxes, for $12 expensive T_T.....seriously wanted to complain about someone, lets call her Fish, like, u know not as if the cupcake drop on the floor! It's still inside the box just that it topple over, why must u make a fuzz over it like it drop on the floor? and you can jolly well take the other plain looking one, you don't want the plain looking one, what a freaking fuzzy chooser. Ya I know la, u want the best of everything! wait until one day, you are to eat the rice from the floor, you got the worst job ever, you will be thinking how fortunate u are. Seriously I don't know why your boyfriend choose you, you are now really fortunate to have someone doting on you.

Munch your Cookies` @* 2:33 PM

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shall update those photos which I've not have the time to do so! gosh its like 10:50pm and i really need to sleep, so ill go fast! :D
Okay, see heres my baby's clothes, awaiting for it! :)
Firstly, Camwhore :D hahaha, how fun to start with my face, dont vomit pls :D Taken at baby's home be exact, toilet -.-

What we had for Esper birthday celebration :)

What i ate for school! :D

Lastly, my hammy!

Shall say until here! till the next time! ardios! ohh anyway, left 9 days to my new phone and comskill interview! so jing zhang :O

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My New Ham ham, look at how it sleeps!

My and bf and I at pizza hut, yes juz being random is fine LOL
Hehe after i grab one piece
Muah Pizza!!!

Busy Texting dono who tsk

Munch your Cookies` @* 5:17 PM

Bah! So tired with school work! its like every weeks is filled with one delieveries! either Presentation or TESTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS omg, so tired! ima go slp now!

Munch your Cookies` @* 1:37 AM


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